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Peak Seasons dates are: (Christmas and New Year); (Chinese New Year) and (Holy Week)


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Laguna is a quaint, rustic province south of Metro Manila.

It is a place packed with history and culture.

To get here, you can take the bus that leaves from Manila for Los Banos or Calamba.

From here, you can take a jeepney to go to the other towns.

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Philippine Hotels, Condotels & Resorts - Laguna Hotels, Resorts & Lodging

Keep up to Date with the Weather During Holiday Travel

If it is warm when you leave home but it will be significantly chilly where you arrive, make sure you carry on a jacket with you. Pay attention to your shoes as well because you don’t want to be slipping or risk falling down out there. Your body won’t be able to handle the quick change in temperature so make sure you are prepared for what you will find. Likewise, if you are traveling from a cold climate to a warm one for the holidays make sure you dress in layers so you can stay comfortable upon arrival.

For those driving to their holiday destination, paying attention to the weather reports is also important. You will be amazed at how many people drive from a location where there is no snow and then panic when they are having to drive in it with bumper to bumper cars all along the interstate. Keep up to Date with the Weather During Holiday Travel

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