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Peak Seasons dates are: (Christmas and New Year); (Chinese New Year) and (Holy Week)


Lorenzo Resort Main

Lorenzo Resort South

Lorenzo Resort Grand Villa

Boracay Regency Beach Resort

Paradise Garden Resort Hotel

Le Soleil de Boracay

Willy's Beach Resort

Seawind Boracay Island


Titay South Beach Resort Hotel

Sand Castles Boracay

Fridays Resort Boracay

Waling Waling Beach Hotel

Alice in Wonderland

Casa Pilar Boracay

Voted the world's best beach by the Sun Herald, Australia and Harper's, Boracay is the perfect island getaway, with its warm blue waters, powder-fine white sand, and a palm fringed 4-kilometer beach.

The islands facilities and amenities make her a recreational haven. Watch February's Fun-board Cup, windsurfing's annual international event, or the World Beach Volleyball Tournament in September. Or take a refreshing swim in the crystal clear waters.

The world-famous island of Boracay is located in Aklan province 345 kms. South of Manila. The island is accessible by air from Manila or Cebu through two principal gateways: Caticlan airport or Kalibo irport.

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Philippine Hotels, Condotels & Resorts - Boracay Vacation Rentals, Holiday Rental HomeAway, Apartment Suites Rental - All About Boracay

Packing for Holiday Travel

We have all seen those people with tons of luggage arriving at the airport or traveling on the highway with their car crammed so full of items that they passengers have very little room to breath. There are ways to pack light for the holidays but to also ensure you have everything you need. This will definitely make your holiday travel plans much more enjoyable.

To help ensure you don’t forget anything important, make yourself a list of items you can’t leave behind. Keep the list handy so you can add to it as you think of something else. Make sure you check the weather forecast in the days right before you pack. This way you can be sure to have outfits and shoes that are going to work well for both the occasions and the weather. You don’t want to be stuck in the snow with nothing but high heels to wear for the evening. Packing for Holiday Travel

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