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Peak Seasons dates are: (Christmas and New Year); (Chinese New Year) and (Holy Week)
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Right in the heart of South East Asia

Is the Philippines, a rambling chain of some 7,107 islands and islets. From north to south, this tropical archipelago stretches for more than 1,700 kilometers towards the equator. The South China Sea washes its western shores; a northern neighbor is Taiwan, as are Hongkong and China; further north is Japan. Westward lies other Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. An arm of the archipelago points southwest towards the isle of Borneo; and at its feet, the island chain that is Indonesia. To the east and south, the waters of the Pacific Ocean sweep its headlands, looking out towards Micronesia and Polynesia.

The Philippines is readily accessible from the travel capital of the world.Traveling time to Manila

- from Hongkong is an hour and 50 minutes;
- from Singapore 3 hours and 10 minutes;
- from Bangkok, 3 hours and 50 minutes,
- from Tokyo, 4 hours and 15 minutes;
- from Sydney, 10 hours and 20 minutes;
- from London, 20 hours and 45 minutes;
- from Paris, 21 hours and 15 minutes;
- from Frankfurt, 19 hours and 40 minutes;
- from San Francisco, California, USA 20 hours and 15 minutes;
- from Los Angeles, California, USA 15 hours ans 20 minutes;
- and from New York, 20 hours and 20 minutes.


1Ilocos Region

2 Cagayan Valley Region

3 Central Luzon Region

4A National Capital Region

4 Southern Tagalog Region

5 Bicol Region

6 Western Visayas Region

7 Central Visayas Region

8 Eastern Visayas Region

9 Western Mindanao Region

10 Northeastern Mindanao Region

11 Southeastern Mindanao Region

12 Central Mindanao Region

13 Cordillera Autonomous Region

Metro Manila is home to roughly 20% of the country's 62 million Filipinos. The capital, Manila, is situated at the mouth of a natural harbor - the Manila Bay of world-famous sunsets. Malacañang Palace, the official residence of the Philippine President, stands regally on the banks of the Pasig River, which meanders through the length of the metropolis.

Within the city limits are located the medieval walled city of Intramuros, Spain's stronghold in Asia during its empire era; Escaolta and Sta. Cruz, two of the oldest commercial centers in the country; and historic Paco and Luneta Parks. Here, too, can be found enclaves as exotic and enduring as Chinatown, the Muslim quarters of Quiapo, and the noisy bargain mecca that is Divisoria. Along the sunset strip lining Manila Bay, luxury hotels vie for the tourist trade with the poshest accomodations and the best views, while a few blocks away along Ermita's bar-lined streets, more racy pursuits await the night owl.

The country's premier business distric, Makati, throbs with different life. Busy sidewalks and avenues lead to hushed office sanctums, sparkling malls, elegant shops, swank galleries and boutiques, and some of the most valuable residential real estates in the country. Evenings, this classy entertainment city pulsates with the thousand and one light of discos, pubs, bistros, restaurants, music lounges, jazz bars, karaoke bars and 24-hour diner.

Where to stay is never a problem in Metro Manila. The visitor can choose from any of the wide range of accomodations to suit every taste and budget - from the most prestigiuos hotel chains to deluxe motels to cozy pensions and family-run inns.

A wealth of diversions and attractions await the visitor. Museum tours offer glimpses of the rich historical and cultural heritage of the islands. At Ayala Museum in Makati, colorful dioramas depict scenes from Philippine history. The Cultural Center of the Philippines Museum showcases archaeologial and ehtnological finds, as well as contemporary artworks. The Metropolitan Museum of Manila mounts exhibits of classical and modern masters. There are also private galleries and specialized museums, like Casa Manila, the model turn-of-the-century Spanish house at Intramuros, the Rizal Shrine in Fort Santiago, the Ecclesiastical Art Collection of the San Agustin Church, and the Museo de Malacañang at the Presidential Palace.

Ballet companies, symphony orchestras, theater guilds and pop artists regularly take to the stage. Hotels and restaurants beckon nightly with band music, folk and jazz singers, and ethnic dance troupes. Open-air concerts and performances entertain weekends crowds at Paco Park, Puerta Real Gardens and Luneta Park.

Metro Manila has 13 greens, which offer some of the best golfing in Southeast Asia. Affordable rentals and green fees, coupled with the balmy weather and friendly, English-speaking caddies, make for a perfect golfing holiday.

Packing for Holiday Travel

You will be amazed at how much room is lost in a suitcase due to not taking the time to fold up items properly. You have to get creative if you want to maximize the amount of space you have. It is easy to place socks and underwear into your shoes so they won’t take up any space at all.

Take the time to fold pants and shirts neatly into the suitcase so you can fit more of them in. You don’t want to have your bags so full you have to sit on them to close them. This damages the zippers and it will result in you having to replace your luggage sooner than you should. If your luggage is chosen for inspection during your holiday travel it won’t be such a chore for the inspectors if you have taken your time to pack wisely. Packing for Holiday Travel

Navigation Systems you can use for Holiday Travel

Many vehicles feature a Global Positioning System known as GPS. There are some models you can purchase separately and then add them to any model of vehicle that you have. This is a very good tool that you will always have when you are operating your vehicle. Even if you don’t know exactly where you are, a satellite system does and it send that information to the GPS system. You can then enter the information for your travel destination and it will give you the directions you need to get there.

Don’t spend your time traveling for the holidays caught up in traffic or bad weather. You also don’t want to drive for hours and then realize you have been going the wrong direction. The landscaping of the area can change over the years leaving you unfamiliar with the way to get there on your own. These types of navigational tools will definitely help you to get your barrings and to arrive for the holidays on time. Navigation Systems you can use for Holiday Travel

Navigation Systems you can use for Holiday Travel

Even a simple compass in your vehicle can assist you when you least expect it. I was recently driving along when there was a detour due to road construction. I followed everyone else and then came to some signs. It said 5 miles East and then 11 Miles North to get to my destination. The problem was there were no arrows and I didn’t know which way I was headed on that road. Luckily my car has a built in compass so I was able to figure it out. If you vehicle doesn’t have one then you need to purchase one. It will come in handy as you travel for the holidays.

This information will allow you to find the fastest route as well as the shortest route to get to your holiday destination. You can also find the route that has access to hotels, restaurants, and rest areas. This is great information if you are traveling with children because you will find you have to stop more often in order to keep everyone happy. Navigation Systems you can use for Holiday Travel


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